A training game designed for children with special educational needs, learning and behavioural difficulties.

Available exclusively on iPad.

An innovative game for
special educational needs

“It helps you with learning, writing & reading… it really helps!”

“A game, which can be played in the comfort of our home for
15 minutes a day… to be able to see the results so quickly is
absolutely wonderful!” – Samantha Danby

1 in 5 children have a learning or behavioural difficulty

Many of these children are undiagnosed. MyCognitionHOME uncovers an underlying cause in your child’s  learning or behavioural difficulties. It also discovers their strengths and potential.

How MyCognition Home works

The training utilises our revolutionary MyCQ assessment that first identifies training needs. Our flagship video game, AquaSnap, trains holistically, but with greater intensity where the need is highest. It adapts to train your child as they make progress, enhancing your strengths, improving their learning and behaviour. You can keep track of your child’s performance by retaking MyCQ regularly. You will recieve 7 user licenses with your purchase so that the entire family can join in the experience: brothers, sisters, mum, dad, and grandparents will all benefit from the engagement.

Take MyCQ

The MyCQ assessment identifies areas to improve.

View Reports

Learn more about your child’s cognition through a personalised report.

Play AquaSnap

Adapted gameplay targets domains for improvement personalised to your child.

Monitor Progress

Retaking MyCQ regularly helps measure demonstrable improvements in your child’s cognition.

The science stuff

MyCognition’s training games and assessments were created by a world leading team in Neuropsychiatric & Cognitive Research, Neuroplasticity and Applied Gaming.

In our mission to advance neuroscience technology we work with many global cognitive research institutions including University of Cambridge, The Royal Free London Children’s Hospital in London and Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC).

Available to download now.

Click below or search for MyCognition HOME in the App Store & Google Play Store.

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