Developing your brain through the power of your cognition

Thinkingwell means stronger mental resilience, improved performance and managing stress.

Cognition is so important as it’s the part of our mind which enables us to manage our behaviour and emotions when responding to a mentally challenging task. 


Our brain health tools help us understand how well our brain is working by measuring, monitoring and boosting the areas of brain health and performance, collectively known as ‘cognition’.

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Take productivity to the next level with our cognitive app

We work with organisations, and individuals, to create a lasting and positive impact by enhancing cognitive function. Our clinically validated, digitally-delivered solutions will help you to:

😊 Manage your stress levels
💭 Control your emotions
🏆 Be more productive
🧠 Boost your memory
⏳ Process things quickly
💡 Strengthen your mental resilience

Perform better with two steps

Through our platform you'll have full access to the MyCQ app and other content to help you improve your brain fitness.

1 - Measure and monitor

Using our cognition tool, MyCognition, we’ll complete a series of short tests that tell us how we’re doing in each cognitive area, in just 15 minutes. This will give us a baseline from which to progress. We’ll gain a deeper understanding of our brain power across five key domains to help us focus on day-to-day challenges at both home and work.


2 - Improve and strengthen

Through our cognitive development tool Aquasnap, we’ll improve each domain with a personalised active mindfulness workout. This is synched with our MyCognition results so that we focus specifically on the areas in which we have the most opportunity for improvement.

Trusted by the best

• Best cognitive health app in 2020 by The Times
• NHS approved
• Endorsed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a unique leader in the field
• CE marked as a class 1a medical device, regulated by MHRA
• Approved by ORCHA with a score of 85%
• Awarded by UCL for our research-lead approach


Scientifically proven to enhance your wellbeing

Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman EMEA BNY Mellon.

“Our employee health initiative, runs multiple events every year, but the response to use MyCognition's MyCQ assessment has been the biggest we’ve ever had. It clearly shows how interested our employees are in their brain health”

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Building stronger mental resilience, improving performance and helping employees to manage stress.

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Food does more than just fuel us, it can also affect our mood and ability to think clearly.