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Fun and effective wellbeing delivered digitally

Although we like a juice bike, free-fruit Friday and a snooze in the mindfulness room as much as anyone, we know life is bigger than that...

You can’t do much better by your people, or your company, than by offering tools that are scientifically proven to work. 


proven mental health
& fitness training

Perfect to help prevent burn out, deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life and restore cognitive fitness.

wellbeing content

We personalise and recommend content so that each person sees what's important for them.

Personalised sleep
courses & webinars

No more glazed over eyes! Better sleep will make your teams less stressed, more, focused and revitalised.

launch & effortless
onboarding process

We’ll get your employees engaging from the very first day. Sit back and relax, we’ll take it from here.

Aggregated data
& insights

Know the impact you’re making through your new benefit, as well as where you should target extra support.



For you

Company Wellometer reporting 

(A scientific birds-eye-view on how your people are really doing)

Fully managed launch event and roll-out 

(You're busy people, let us take the strain out of getting Beingwell up and running) 

Employee Q&A session

(We'll give things the personal touch,  live or pre-recorded to suit you) 

Ongoing employee engagement and regular new content

(No one-hit-wonders here, this is about ongoing support that really works) 

For your people

Personalised Wellometer assessment tool and dashboard

(Put some science into understanding your personal wellbeing) 


Cognitive or "Mind" fitness assessment and improvement platform 

(Better mental health = better resilience and physical health)

Regular and relevant new wellbeing content

(Wellbeing is a moving target, so your platform will update to stay relevant) 

Beingwell Family option 

("No man is an Island" so we give you 3 extra users to help at home too)

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